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Giving back to The Sheriff King Home


The Sheriff King Home holds a special place in my heart. 

In 2007, they saved me and my children from a nightmare. They took us in when we had nowhere else to go, giving us sanctuary and security. They supported us, protected us and nurtured our souls, helping us deal with the chaos we found ourselves in, so that we could grow strong and independent again. 

As a part of the daily counselling, I was required to write all of my thoughts, take notes and record important dates in a journal or notebook. I was directed to find a dollar store and buy myself a notebook immediately. That was a struggle amid the chaos and exhaustion of living in a shelter with two kids under the age of 6. I was afraid to leave the shelter and would've loved it if we were provided a notebook during our intake session.

That thought is what brings me to this initiative. I vowed during my stay there that I would someday give back to The Sheriff King Home in some way and I believe I have discovered the way. 

I will be taking 10% of the profits from my business, buying as many notebooks from my collections as possible with that amount and donating them to The Sheriff King Home, so that women can receive one for free during their intake session. My dream is that I can donate so many notebooks that there is a surplus allowing each woman to choose one with the cover that most resonates with her. Even better than that would be, maintaining a constant inventory for them.

I would love it if you would join me in buying notebooks for the ladies. Every notebook you buy will be driven to The Sheriff King Home by me, personally. You can choose which notebook you would like to donate. Together we can send a little bit of love to these women at a time when they need it most!

Hugs & Love!


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