Giving Back

Giving Back

March 28, 2019

The time has finally give back to the Sheriff King Home!

I've been working toward this day for many years. In 2007, I spent 5 weeks in the Sheriff King Home with my two children. I had finally worked up the courage to leave my husband after 7 years of self-sacrifice, emotional abuse and adultery. He didn't take it well at all. The situation escalated to a point I never imagined was possible; my life was in danger and my children were in danger of being shipped to the other side of the world to live with relatives they've never met, in a country they didn't know and a language they didn't understand. When my husband finally left for work, I called the Sheriff King Home's emergency line and they took us in within the hour.

I can honestly say, that was the most insane time in my life. I've had many adventures, some of them a little nuts, but this was by far the most crazy. It was the time of simultaneous opposites. I was terrified and peaceful, in danger and safe, heartbroken and elated, confined and free, yet amidst all of this I was exuding joy and gratitude at a level I'd never experienced in all of my years. Hope and passion toward a new life only I owned, was the ocean I was swimming in.

I was so grateful for the protection, love and empowerment they showered me with during my stay at the Sheriff King Home, that I vowed to myself to give back to them in some way, at some point in my future.

I have now, after 11 years and two businesses, started my own dream business and have discovered how I will give back. I am taking 10% of my profits from Carol White Fine Art & Stationery, purchasing as many notebooks as I can with it, and I will deliver them myself to the Sheriff King Home as a donation for the women.

During their intake session, they will be gifted a notebook to use in their counselling sessions and to keep track of important information, organize their days and make note of important court dates, etc..

If you would like to join me in giving, click below and I will add your order to my package for donation. 

Love & Hugs!

Click here to donate a notebook

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